Why Some People Go Absolutely Bonkers in Relationships 

 Does your situationship or relationship make you feel like you're going crazy?  

You may be wondering where this is coming from, especially considering you weren't like this when you started dating.  

Mark Groves, podcaster and YourTango Thought Leader and co-author of "Liberated Love: Release Codependent Patterns and Create the Love You Desire," says your relationship is driving you mad for a purpose.  

I promise you're not alone if you've wanted someone you couldn't have no matter how hard you tried or donated.  

Many of us have chosen emotionally unavailable partners for years. Such partnerships are doomed to fail.  

"The reason we start to feel crazy and get lots of anxiety when we're in situationships or relationship dances with people who don't fully choose us

 Pretending everything is fine while secretly suffering can drive anyone nuts. Not meeting your emotional needs can make you feel like you're built on insecure ground.  

 The fact that your emotional needs are not being addressed can give you the impression that you are constructing something on a foundation that is too unsteady.  

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