Why a Man With This Problem Will Absolutely Not Get Married

 The fear of commitment is one of the most common (and destructive) relationship issues.   

Any commitment concerns, from refusing to commit to one person to refusing to marry your Reagan-era partner, can destroy a relationship. It should be avoided (unless you desire a broken heart).   

Men are stereotypically portrayed as slackers because they date multiple women at once, refuse to commit, or run from bridal shops and jewellery stores like marathon runners.  

Sometimes this reputation is unfair—men commit and women drag their feet. Other times, this reputation is justified.  

There's no'making' a man commit, which is why it always ends in hurt.  

What does this signify for women worldwide? So a man with commitment concerns is sending up a huge red signal. Women must pay attention.  

Why? Because your heart is at stake Unfortunately, many women notice. When a man claims he's not ready for something serious, they act.  

"Sure, he’s not ready for something serious with other people," say. "But he will be ready for something serious with me."  

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