When You Hate Your Spouse, Here Are 7 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Marriage Strong 

If you detest your partner, your relationship is in peril and needs to be fixed. Love and marriage are complicated, but you can restore a broken marriage with your partner before it's too late.  

Be very upfront about why you say it. Why do you say it and what's missing in your relationship? Why and when did your misery begin?  

 1. Ask why you detest your spouse.  

Consider your and your spouse's expectations when you married. Your expectations may have included intimacy, finances, parenting, extended family, professional choices, and more.  

2. Assess expectations  

Have your frustrations eclipsed your spouse's help? Think about the past few days or weeks. List all the good things your spouse has done and thank them. A simple example is putting out the trash.  

3. Take a positive "inventory" of your connection.  

You undoubtedly trained your kids to say please and thank you and be polite. You probably taught kids kindness, sharing, and helping. Why not for your spouse?  

4. Check your manners  

Change is mutual. You must find ways to improve each other's relationship feelings. It may start with you. You can only alter yourself, not others. Consider changing your perspective about your partner and focusing on the positive.  

5. Promise to change what each of you needs change.

This is vital to your connection. It also heals past wounds and makes mid-course modifications to avert future ones.  

 6. Set a communication schedule.  

Date nights should not include these topics. Fun date nights are reserved. If you choose to start alone, working out your feelings is risk-free. Since emotions have built up, talking to your partner will be difficult.  

7. Listen to one another  

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