What You See First Indicates Your Level of Empathy and Power: An Illusion Personality Test 

Some first spot a woman in a waterfall. Others see animal faces in rocks. What you perceive first may reflect your empathy or power  

Look at the image below to see what you notice initially.  

clever brain tricks. They alter our perceptions. Did you realize optical illusion personality tests can reveal your personality? Like magic!  

If you see a woman in the waterfall, your powerful personality suggests you will listen and persuade others.  

You care about others and are understanding. You are insightful and often know the situation.  

Your personality and communication skills are likely to shine. You can swiftly solve complex challenges with your inventive imagination.   

Seeing animal faces in rocks indicates a strong personality. Seeing the wolf first makes you more likely to face life's issues.   

Your energetic nature makes you act rapidly without considering consequences. You may also see past appearances and spot chances faster.  

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