waffles without milk

Beating up a batch of waffles raises expectations. Thus, if you're searching for a recipe for handmade waffles without milk that have a crispy exterior and a fluffy,  

airy interior, this one will fulfill all the expectations of a great waffle.  

You may want no-milk waffles for a dairy-free diet or because you're out of milk.  

I love how many plant-based milks may replace cow's milk, but this waffle recipe requires water.  

substitutes for milk in a waffle recipe

Plain Water: Waffles can be made with water instead of milk if the recipe calls for oil or butter. Egg yolks have fat.  

Choose your favorite dairy-free milk and add it to the batter. Try several milk substitutes to find your best flavor and consistency. Here are some milks to try: soy, almond, oat, rice, coconut, hemp, cashew, or hazelnut milk.  

ingredients :

White, all-purpose flour: 

Foundation of the recipe. I haven't tested the recipe using wholewheat or gluten-free flour, but you could.  

Baking powder:  

Light and fluffy waffles come from this. For best lift-off, use fresh batch.   


Swap it out for your favorite non-dairy milk.  

Brown sugar:  

You can leave it out or substitute coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup to sweeten your waffle mix.  

Salt : 

Balances the batter’s sweet taste. 


Recipe binding agents. I advocate organic free-range.  


Use any neutral oil like avocado, canola, or coconut oil to get those golden, crispy waffle edges. I love olive oil, although it may taste slightly different. Oil can be replaced with melted vegan butter.  

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