Very Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

These luscious chocolate cupcakes have tons of chocolate flavor in each wrapper! You'll love this simple cupcake recipe made using basic ingredients.   

Natural cocoa powder and buttermilk work best. These chocolate cupcakes are overstuffed with chocolate buttercream!  

Today we’re exploring a “foundation recipe.” Indefinitely anything but regular chocolate cupcakes.  

This dish is a foundation for many others. Like my vanilla cupcakes, these chocolate cupcakes are a staple in my kitchen.   

I always use this chocolate cupcake recipe, so there's no reason to try another.  

I posted this recipe for chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing three years ago, but I want to show you the steps (1) with images, (2) with detailed explanations, and (3) with one very important instruction.   

Skipping this step will damage your batch. The proof has often ended up in my dustbin. Not pretty.  

Today's cupcakes are for chocolate lovers. You know, folks that only consider dessert if it has chocolate.  

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