10 Uncommon Baby Boy Names

Do you want to give your boy an unusual and funny name?  

This well-organized list of unusual newborn boy names is likely to get your creative juices flowing. 

A unique newborn boy name is a great method to reveal your son's inner self. 

There are plenty of unique possibilities available, such as names with timeless appeal like Bradford or Reggie. 


Katana is a distinctive baby name that has stood the test of time. Of Japanese heritage, this multicultural moniker has found a new lease of life among American caregivers in recent years. 


Amory is a gender-neutral name of English and German origin that means “home strength” or “home ruler” and shares its glory with the given name Henry. 


There's something about succinct, snappy names that leave a lasting impression. Flint is one such standout first name for baby boys and was inspired by a flint rock. 


Augustin is a boy’s name with the truly amazing meaning of “great” and “magnificent.” With German and Latin origins, Augustin is a clear variant of Augustinas and Augustus. 


D'Artagnan is a masculine name of Old French origin that means “from Artagnan.” Many will recognize this moniker from the iconic Alexander Dumas novel The Three Musketeers.  


Full of charm and personality, this name is perfect for bouncing baby’s who like to make their presence known. Of English origin, it is both a given name and surname and means “descendent of Will” or “servant of Will,” making for a fitting choice to keep baby connected to their heritage.  


Allegra is a feminine name of Italian origin. This name means "happy" and "lively," but for the music geeks out there it means something just a little bit more. 


Kiernan is a boy’s name of Irish origin. Traditionally used as a surname, Kiernan means “lord” or “master.” The name is an adaptation of the Anglicized MacKiernan, which comes from the Gaelic last name Mac Thighearnáin. 


Ina is a gender-neutral name of multiple origins. Today, there is some confusion over Ina's precise roots, as it is so widely present in a diverse array of cultures and languages. 


Ulani is a girl's name of Hawaiian origin, meaning "cheerful." Popular in Hawaii for centuries, this name did not arrive in the mainland US until the 20th century. 

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