Korean Tuna Mayo Rice Bowl is a simple and delicious dinner that can be prepared at any time at home. It is full of delightful savoury flavour and a creamy texture, making it an excellent choice for lunch or dinner.  

In this post, you will learn about Korean Tuna Mayo Rice Bowl, the finest methods for making it, and how to prepare it.  

Korean Tuna Mayo Rice Bowl (Chamchi Mayo Deopbap, 참치 마요 덮밥) is a delicious and balanced dish that can be easily prepared using pantry staples. It's a popular Korean one-bowl dish, especially among singles who like to dine alone.  

Canned tuna is seasoned with mayonnaise, salt, and pepper; the mayonnaise binds everything together and gives the meal a creamy texture.  

Seasoned onion relish provides a sweet and savoury, irresistible taste and texture, resulting in an extraordinarily tasty and rich dish that will satisfy any appetite.  

Rice: Begin with cooked white or brown rice as the foundation for your bowl. White rice (such as sushi rice) has a smoother texture that complements other components better than brown rice.  

Tuna: For a tasty and nutritious supper, choose high-quality canned tuna. I prefer tuna in spring water to tuna in brine or oil.  

Mayonnaise: To enhance the flavour and texture of the tuna, add mayonnaise. This will help bring all of the ingredients together, resulting in a creamy and tasty dish.   

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