Today's horoscope: May 4, 2024 


Get ready to make big cash! Avoiding excesses is the key to optimum health. You will likely present well professionally. 


Old investments may provide big profits. Good health allows you to take on more home and professional duties. Check your car before travelling. 


You may need your money later, so invest prudently. Start focusing on your health to stay fit and energised. Job and career may be your focus today. 


Some need a diet adjustment to become in shape. You must cut wasteful spending to save for something substantial. Family members will test your patience, but do not snap! 


Professionally, settling in is expected. Someone is academic presence may enrich you. Social recognition awaits those who serve. 


Fitness keeps you healthy. In work matters, superiors may trust you. Businesspeople will enjoy today. 


Your social work will be lauded. A fun day with friends is predicted today. A brief excursion may be unforgettable. Health is fine. 


Good news—this period has started! Find yourself in a great personal and professional scenario. Making health a priority will benefit you greatly. 


Academic excellence may get you a scholarship. Money from unexpected sources increases your wealth. Some marital news is good. Get ready for a wild evening today as passions may flare! 


You will likely succeed professionally. Switching to healthier eating will improve your health. Property investments yield good returns. 


Business looks good as a large deal is coming. Academic endeavours should pay off. Health meals and drinks may help those seeking a flawless body. 


Professional success requires total dedication and hard work. A project may keep some academically busy. All will be proud of a family child's success.