Three Ways Keeping Your Cool Will Ruin Your Love Life 

From Think Like A Man to the 1990s cult film The Rules to your grandma, we're urged to be "hard to get" in new relationships.   

It makes sense in some ways. Allow space when getting to know your date. You don't want to swarm this intriguing and appealing new person or force them to move too rapidly. Alternatively, it might ruin your love life and drive away individuals you care about.   

Your ex is not this person. We know many people play it cool in new relationships because they've been injured and misled. They're afraid of getting injured again, and we understand.  

1. Fear is likely your motivation.   

Your past may include lying and cheating. You may have felt cheated in your prior relationship and don't want it again.  

Making oneself unavailable may seem like a smart idea, but it might end a romance. Your data may become frustrated attempting to understand you. When you hold back, you tell your date you don't care about them or this new connection.  

2. Holding back delivers mixed messages  

Playing it cool may backfire. Your behaviour may appear cryptic or cold and aloof. The new person in your life may assume you're rejecting them instead of growing closer.  

Connection is crucial to any healthy and successful relationship. Your connection with your date makes it a relationship. Only briefly are you two connected. There is a connection whether you are having fun or serious and devoted.  

3. Cool blocks connection play 

Before holding back or pretending uninterested (when you are), remember the damage you are inflicting to this new connection. Choose connection-friendly options. Relax and enjoy this person you may spend your life with.  

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