This Is Absolutely Nothing A Husband Ought To Say To His Wife

 Making errors is part of marriage. You may say or do something to annoy your wife. 

One phrase should be avoided to maintain harmony. What's this phrase, and why is it important?  

On TikTok, relationship podcaster Jimmy Knowles explains why the one phrase you should never say is so harmful.  

Jimmy says, "I no longer say that I'm helping her with the dishes because our words matter."  

Telling our wife we're "helping her," fosters the idea that she does all the housework.  

If you help, you're going above and above your domestic duties and should be commended.  

While both partners should appreciate each other for tiny things, Knowles advises, "Be careful about thinking that you're owed a thank you for doing a mutual chore." 

Consider that your wife cooks and cleans daily. Your wife does the kids' homework and takes care of them when they're ill every day. Is she frequently thanked for her efforts? 

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