The Ultimate Guide to Winning a Guy Over  

What to do when dating is exhausting? The best dating advice to have fun and find love is here.  

It might be daunting to find dating tips on how to get a guy to like you online. You may be tired of dating and want to find your soulmate quickly.  

You're tired of trying to attract a lover and don't want to know how to make a guy like you; you're seeking long-term love. In the infinite dating sea, this can seem unattainable.  

You're searching for “how to attract men” or “how to make him love you.” You're probably getting many returns on programmes that guarantee marriage and kids in a year. Game-and-gimmick programmes. Pretentious programmes.  

You need none of that. You need yourself. Seriously. You may get a guy to like you by being yourself. Just being yourself attracts the one best!  

If it were that easy, you wouldn't be reading this, right? Attracting men and getting them to like you is difficult. Picture yourself laughing, pleasant, and engaged with friends. You're comfortable, therefore you're yourself. We have chemistry.  

Imagine yourself uncomfortable, antsy, and possibly noisy next to a guy you like to impress. Chemistry is gone, so that won't make a guy like you. Why? Because your true self is buried deep. An imposter replaced it.  

This spells dating catastrophe. Think metaphorically. Imagine a violin thinking it must act like a trumpet to succeed. How would that end? Most likely badly tuned music. The moral is simple: Don't change to impress a guy.   

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