The Right Combo: Getting the Most Health Benefits from Fruit Smoothies

 Healthy fruits and veggies can be enjoyable and easy to acquire in smoothies.  

 Is a banana-blueberry smoothie best? Adding specific components to smoothies may affect their nutritional value, according to UC Davis researchers.  

 The study, published today in dietary and Function by the Royal Society of Chemistry,,,

 used smoothies to investigate how polyphenol oxidase, an enzyme in many fruits and vegetables, impacts dietary flavanol absorption.  

 Common smoothie components including apples, pears, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and chocolate include flavanols, bioactive substances that are excellent for your heart and brain.  

 “We sought to understand, on a very practical level, how a common food,,,

 and food preparation like a banana-based smoothie could affect the availability of flavanols to be absorbed after intake.  

 said lead author Javier Ottaviani, director of Mars Edge's Core Laboratory and an adjunct researcher at UC Davis' Department of Nutrition.  

 An apple or banana sliced or peeled will brown quickly. That's because those foods contain polyphenol oxidase (PPO), an enzyme.  

 Food with that enzyme browns when exposed to air, sliced, or bruised. Fresh smoothies produced with PPO-containing fruits were tested to see if they affected flavanol levels.  

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