The Movie Brain Teaser: Find All the Movie Items in This Image?  

Brain teasers are entertaining and difficult ways to think better. They can involve solving an equation, finding a concealed object, or cracking the solution.   

Popular brain teasers include "spot the objects".   This challenge presents a movie-themed image. You have a limited time to find as many movie artifacts as possible.   

Spotting items in photos improves observation. It also takes world knowledge to spot differences. This improves critical and creative thinking.  

This image hides 11 movie components. All must be found in 37 seconds. You'll have a keen eye and quick mind if you can see all the errors!  

Tasks boost dopamine and motivate us to work more, therefore brain teasers boost mood.   Are you up to this challenge and identifying any puzzle errors?   

The following image displays a messy bedroom with movie memorabilia. You must find references to Iron Man, Harry Potter, IT, Titanic, Matrix, Jumanji, Men in Black, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Godfather, and Beauty and the Beast.    

Tony Stark's Iron Man reactor Harry Potter Golden Snitch   IT red balloon Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace   Matrix red and blue pills  

Game from Jumanji Memory eraser from Men in Black   Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Hat   Star Wars lightsaber   

Don Corleone's Tux - The Godfather - Beauty and the Beast's Rose   Have fun with this great brain teaser. Practice different riddles and you'll become a master.   

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