‘The Marvels’ International Box Office: $63 Million, Far Behind 2019’s ‘Captain Marvel’  

Disney's superhero film "The Marvels," which opened with $63 million abroad and $110 million overall, was disappointing.  

Disney had hoped for $140 million or more entering into the weekend, but even that wouldn't have been terrific for the $220 million tentpole.  

It was one of the worst worldwide debuts in Marvel Cinematic Universe history.  

The 33rd MCU picture, “The Marvels,” follows 2019's billion-dollar hit “Captain Marvel,” which grossed $302 million worldwide and $455 million globally.  

The film that introduced Brie Larson as Carol Danvers was sandwiched between two of the biggest films of all time, 2018's 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 2019's 'Endgame'.  

There are other reasons for the sharp ticket sales reduction.   

“Captain Marvel” was released when the MCU, an unmatched franchise that has grossed $30 billion worldwide in 15 years, seemed unstoppable.  

Disney has since bombarded viewers with spinoffs, sequels, and TV shows.   

Earth's Mightiest Heroes are mortals, as “The Marvels” shows.  

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