The Illusion Personality Test: What You See First Indicates Attention  

This optical illusion test asks if you see the cat walking upstairs or downstairs. Attention is determined by what you notice first.  

These tests usually show viewers an image with numerous interpretations, and the viewer's choice is considered to indicate their subconscious mind, preferences, or personality.  

Though less scientific than the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Big Five, optical illusions personality tests are popular in casual situations and can spark interesting debates about how we see the world and ourselves.  

Cat Heading Upstairs: You're careless and spontaneous.   

You may be unobservant. You may not pay attention to details, which can lead to a disorderly lifestyle or a relaxed approach to issues, or you may behave rashly without thinking.   

However, this carelessness breeds optimistic naivety.  

You embrace life with wide arms and trust, seeing the best in people and situations.   

You use your resilience and optimism to get through problems, believing things will work out. Your problem-solving style is emotional rather than rational.  

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