Sun Sends 2 Strong Solar Storms, Earth In Fire.  

Solar cycle, an 11-year magnetic field cycle, is nearing its apex. This flips the Sun's north and south poles. Another 11 years pass before the Sun's north and south poles switch again.   

The Sun releases several flares that can disrupt Earthly life during this time. Earth is under fire from two massive solar flares from sunspot area AR3663 just days ago. said that the first eruption on May 2 was an X-class flare, the most intense type. It blacked out shortwave radio in Australia, Japan, and China.  

FLARE! An X1.7 flare from sunspot area AR3663 is the 11th biggest this cycle. Solar physicist Keith Strong posted on X about a 25-minute impulsive flare that peaked at 02:22 U.T.  

The outlet said the second eruption was an M-class flare on May 3.  

A fresh sunspot has caused several outbursts on the Sun. Both eruptions occurred when the sunspot faced Earth, and a CME may have occurred. CMEs are massive plasma and magnetic field expulsions. reported that an Earth-directed CME can damage power grids, telecommunication networks, and satellites and expose astronauts to deadly radiation.  

NASA says solar flares occur when massive magnetic fields rejoin around the Sun. When magnetic energy in the solar environment is released, they form.   

Strength determines flare classification. The most powerful X-class flares are followed by 10 times weaker M-class, C-class, and B-class flares.  

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