Study shows extra Amazon greenness during drought an optical illusion

 A diversified group of experts led by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center disproved the idea that the Amazon basin greens up during droughts.  

 In their Nature study, the team recounts how they conducted two Amazon foliage investigations and found  ,,,

 that satellite photos indicated an optical illusion of greenness.   

 In the same journal's News & Views, Kamel Soudana and Chrstophe Francois discuss the team's findings.  

 In 2003, satellite sensor data showed that Amazon foliage reflected more near-infrared light during droughts than in non-droughts.  

 The dryness may have increased photosynthesis, making the Amazon rain forest greener.  

 Other sensor data showed that the forest greened each year during the dry season.

 A article on this peculiarity stated that the increase in greenness demonstrated that sunshine, not water, drove photosynthesis.  

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