Spot The Lemon In Under 10 Second | Optical Illusion

Today's optical illusion is entertaining for lemon and adventure lovers. We realize the combo is crazy, but hear us out.   

A duo enjoys their jungle excursion in the photo below. They look to be having the time of their lives, yet they're also rushing.   

They need a lemon found exclusively in their jungle. You must find the lemon quickly. You have 10 seconds to finish.  

Only those with sharp eyesight may see the lemon in 10 seconds; others may take longer.Must we start the timer?  

Five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten! Your time is up!  

Have you seen the lemon? Do you need tips? All we can suggest is to look for lemons in trees or plants.  

Found the lemon yet? Great job! We circled the lemon in red to match your answer.  

Optical illusions improve brain skills like observation and problem-solving. IQ and personality tests can reveal one's IQ and attributes. So let's do a fun illusion!  

The optical illusion:The solution is:  

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