Spot The Difference: Can you spot all 10 differences in 25 seconds?

Identify the Difference: Two comparable photographs are placed side by side yet differ from one another.   

Identify all ten differences within 25 seconds. Test your wits and observation skills with this challenge right now.  

Spot the Difference: The internet offers a wide range of activities to keep you engaged and occupied.   

This task can be completed solo or in groups. The interesting part about this game when done individually is that you can gauge your degree of observation, and when done in groups, you can see who is the fastest to detect all of the changes.  

Another advantage of this practice is that it will assist children develop their observation skills while also improving adults' existing skills.  

The image above depicts a domestic setting in which a girl and boy are enjoying ice cream and fruit liquids.  

At first sight, both photos appear to be similar, however there are tiny variances.  

Today's challenge is to locate all ten variations between the two photographs within 25 seconds.  

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