"So embarrassing": NBA analyst hits Jeanie Buss for "disrespecting" LeBron James' ex-coach amid renewed interest.   

NBA pundit Jason Timpf examined Jeanie Buss' insulting gesture against the Clippers HC amid LA Lakers' renewed interest in LeBron James' head coach Ty Lue.   

Timpf was referring to the Lakers' 2019 Lue interest. The Lakers' backup when Monty Williams left for Phoenix was him.  

Lue worked with the Clippers casually. After lowballing Lue with a three-year $18 million agreement and promising to hire his staff, the Lakers reportedly ended negotiations.   

Lue accused the Lakers of not treating him "fairly" during negotiations, fueling Buss and Co.'s mismanagement.  

Timpf found stories of the Lakers being "openly smitten" with signing Clippers HC Lue embarrassing:  

This is so embarrassing considering Lue would be the coach if Jeanie Buss didn’t openly disrespect him by lowballing him in the negotiation 4 years ago."  

After hiring Frank Vogel, the Lakers won a championship in 2020 but failed to go past the 2021 playoffs first round and 2022 playoffs.   

After the 2020 victory, Vogel struggled with roster construction and injuries.  

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