Rules for Promoting UFC 301 Payment for compliance: Jose Aldo earns $21,000 for possible last UFC bout 

This is Rio de Janeiro. UFC Promotional Guidelines Compliance pay totaling $280,000 was distributed to the fighters that competed in the UFC 301 event that took place on Saturday.  

The former payments that were provided in accordance with the UFC Athlete Outfitting Policy have been replaced by the programme  

which is an all-encompassing plan that covers requirements for outfitting, obligations to the media, and other issues that fall under the fighter code of conduct.  

It was in Rio Arena when UFC 301 took place. After preliminary matches were broadcast on ESPN2 and ESPN+, the main card was broadcast on pay-per-view.  

Fighters are compensated according to their total number of UFC bouts, as well as Zuffa-era WEC fights (January 2007 and later) and Zuffa-era Strikeforce fights (April 2011 and later)  

in accordance with the payout tiers of the UFC Promotional Guidelines Compliance programme. These tiers are designed to appropriate the funds generated by Venum's multi-year sponsorship with the UFC  

With 1-3 bouts, fighters receive $4,000 per appearance; with 4-5 bouts, they receive $4,500; with 6-10 bouts, they receive $6,000; with 11-15 bouts, they earn $11,000; with 16-20 bouts, they receive $16,000; and with 21 bouts or more, they receive $21,000.

A further point to consider is that champions receive $42,000, while championship contenders receive $32,000.  

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