Rotten and grotesque: the rise of purposefully disgusting nail art

 Julia Fox said ‘ugly is in’ last year, calling unclean chicks the new it-girls.   

 The macabre twist in nail art trends suggests her beauty prophecies are coming true.   

 Nail art that resembles decaying teeth, fungus, and rotting flies is replacing maximalist manicures on our explore pages.  

 These talented nail painters can create a grimy microcosm on a nail bed where the horrific meets the elegant.  

 Grotesque nails are intentionally disgusting shapes that resemble fungal nail infection or iron deficiency brittle nails.   

 Their controlled grossness is the antithesis of the “clean girl” style, rejecting 90s-inspired motifs and blueberry milk nails.  

 Russian nail artists Varvara (@corrosion.nails) and Diana (@raw.nailsss) are pioneering the trend by drawing inspiration from the unusual.  

 One style simulates a chain smoker's discolored patina, with piss-colored nails.

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