10 Rare Baby Names to Set Your Little One Apart

There are so many lovely possibilities to choose from if you are searching for a unique baby name for your little love on the way. 

We have put up a list of some extremely uncommon baby names with beautiful sounds and lots of potential, 

drawing inspiration from all around the world and placing a strong emphasis on names with extraordinary meanings. 


A lovely and adorable uncommon baby boy name associated with a ship in Greek mythology. 


This unusual and magnificent-sounding newborn boy name is derived from the German for "brave companion." 


This bright Irish name for boys means "freckled" or "speckled," and it is similar to the name of a well-known ski resort in Colorado, Breckenridge. 


People would undoubtedly be reminded of renowned American musician John Coltrane by the jazzy moniker you probably had not thought of. 


The small peaks in the sand by the water will naturally bloom into this adorable nature name for your little beach baby. 


Though this uncommon baby name has only been given to little over 1,000 boys in total since 1880, it seems cosy and familiar in certain ways. 


The unusual and uncommon baby boy name is an English one that means "someone who lives in a hollow." 


We adore this Greek mythological name, which means "lion man." 


This charming boy name, which has German origins and means "awe-inspiring," is also associated with a particular kind of apple. 


A unique name that means "where roses grow" for boys with mixed European ancestry. 

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