Picture Puzzle IQ Test: In just 8 seconds, identify the picture's error!  

Picture puzzles are a type of brainteaser that assesses the reader's ability to solve problems and think critically.   

These tasks have the capacity to increase cognition and enhance focus.  

The most popular picture puzzle tasks are identifying an error, cracking a code, or locating a hidden object.  

Engaging in these kinds of challenges on a regular basis strengthens problem-solving abilities and gives the brain a good workout.  

A group of women are seen in the picture shared above, savoring their tea and snacks.  

Readers are challenged to identify the one error in the image within eight seconds.  

This brain teaser picture puzzle will test your attention to detail.

The mistake in the picture is that the water in the teapot seems to be boiling even though it is not placed in the stove.

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