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Optimal acai tray 

You can't beat a nutritious acai bowl after a workout, adventure, or early surf. It's strong enough to fuel your day without causing a food coma.  

Inspired by this thick berry smoothie dish. Try this strawberry mango smoothie for a portable snack.  

Start with frozen bananas. Peel ripe banana, cut in half, and freeze for 12 hours.   

While frozen bananas last longer, they taste best within three months.  

Put all smoothie ingredients in the blender. Cut avocado in half lengthwise like a hotdog and remove the pit with a knife. Spoon the skin's green section out.  

Pour coconut milk into blender to cover half the ingredients. This helps make thick smoothies. You can add extra if the blender stalls.  

Stop and stir or use a "agitator" if the blender stalls (listen for a higher-pitched whirring noise). An agitator is a blender stick.   

Better blenders like Vitamix are usually included.  

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