Optical Illusion to Test IQ: Only 1% can find the Cat hidden among humans in 15 seconds!  

To Test Your IQ, use an optical illusion. These mind-bending, interesting, shape-shifting images of objects, drawings, or people challenge the brain's perception.   

Physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions exist.  

Psychoanalysis uses visual illusions to illuminate perception, according to research.   

A typical human brain can perceive items or images differently from different angles.   

A cat hidden amid humans is a brilliant illustration.  

This photo puzzle is for kids and adults. The faces of men, women, and children are visible in this optical illusion.  

The photo shows a cat hiding amid the people. The illusion asks, “Can you see the cat hiding among the humans?”  

They say only 1% can find the hidden cat in this photograph.   

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