Optical Illusion IQ Test: If you can spot an apple in 8 seconds, you are exceptionally creative!  

Optical illusions that challenge you to find hidden things are not only fascinating; they also provide a brain-boosting workout.  

These illusions frequently deceive human perception by changing colors, lines, and spatial relationships.   

The hidden object could be right in front of you, yet it is masterfully blended into the surrounding images, blending in flawlessly.  

Spotting it takes a keen eye and mental agility, both of which are associated with high observational intelligence and creativity.  

Ready for a challenge? Your IQ is about to be tested! Take a close look at this photo of a lady being greeted at a boutique.  

But, somewhere in this crowded boutique shop environment, an apple is neatly concealed.  

This optical illusion test is about monitoring and confirming visual acuity. Those with good observational abilities will have an advantage here. Are you one of them?  

The ability to recognize small details distinguishes the average from the exceptional. Train your brain to be swift and precise.  

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