Optical illusion IQ test: Find the two birds hidden in this picture and you're in the top 1%.

This dolphin-fish optical illusion is a fun IQ test.  

Few people have found two birds hiding in the image below.  

Hectic Nick, a TikTok star, posted it, saying, "Only 1% can find the second animal. You see a dolphin, but there's another."  

To be honest, it is not difficult to identify the dolphin and the fish that is in its mouth. However, the optical illusion is not exactly what it seems.  

Go back up and take another look at the optical illusion that you just saw.  

Were you able to spot anything else?  

In the picture, there are birds that are flying around.  

You may watch the dolphin and its tail transforming into two birds if you flip your phone over and look at the two birds.  

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