Optical Illusion for Testing Your IQ: Spot Cinderella Hidden Among Multiple Alice in Wonderland within 7 secs!

Optical Illusion for Testing Your IQ: You've probably seen a variety of optical illusions, including physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions. 

An optical illusion is a mind-bending, deeply captivating, shape-shifting image of an object, a drawing,

or a person that tests the brain's vision. According to research, optical illusions are a subset of psychoanalysis that sheds light on how you view things.

A normal human brain may look at something or an image several times, producing several perceptions from each perspective.

One such brilliant representation can be found in the image of Cinderella buried among the many Alices in Wonderland.

Cinderella is buried among several Alice in Wonderland characters in the image above. The image contains a large number of Alices who appear to be similar. 

The illusion encourages viewers to find the concealed Cindrella by implying, "This time we won't need a shoe to fit perfectly to find Cindrella"

. This optical illusion graphic is yet another entertaining way to test your IQ. However, taking an actual IQ test is a good approach to determine your IQ level.

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