Optical Illusion for Testing Your IQ: Can You Find the Boy’s Lost Shoe Hidden Under the Sea in 7 Secs?

Optical Illusion for IQ Testing: Optical illusions are typically mind-bending and shape-shifting representations of an object, drawing,  

or person that test the brain's ability to perceive things. There are three types of optical illusions: physical,  

resulting in a diverse perception. These optical illusions are frequently used as part of psychoanalysis tests since they reveal information   

on how you view things as well as your cognitive level. This time, we've created a clever representation of an optical illusion in which you must find the shoe under the water in the picture.  

The image above is a difficult puzzle made for both adults and children to solve as a brain teaser.  

This optical illusion depicts a magnificent scene underwater with sea divers and sea critters such as jellyfish, starfish, and octopus.   

There is also a buried treasure beneath the water. The hardest aspect of this optical illusion is finding the boy's lost shoe.  

The image has left thousands of adults perplexed as they try to locate the shoe within the image.  

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