Optical Illusion for IQ Testing: Only 1% Can Identify a Mouse in As Little as 15 Seconds  

You've seen cognitive, physiological, and physical illusions. An optical illusion is a changing image of an object, painting, or person that confuses the brain.   

Psychoanalysis studies perception via optical illusions. Normal brains can see things differently from different angles. Great artwork depicts a mouse hiding in a kitchen.  

The puzzle above is for toddlers and adults. Can you find the cookie-stealing Mouse? The kitchen in this optical illusion has utensils and equipment.   

Cookies and fruits are on the kitchen slab. Is there a kitchen mouse? This image's mouse is only found by 1%. This optical illusion measures IQ.   

Find the Mouse in the Kitchen with our help. The optical illusion portrays a spotless kitchen with cookies on the slab. Mouse hides on utensil rack. See the mouse eating a cookie.  

The plates in the cupboard hide the Mouse.   

After a few seconds, the form reveals a Mouse with a cookie.  

 Thousands of adults can't find the Kitchen Mouse.  

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