Optical Illusion Eye Test: Locate the car key in the image in 7 seconds!  

The word illusion is derived from the Latin verb illudere, which means to mock or trick.   

Optical illusion images are carefully designed to fool human perception and act as simple tests for measuring mental and visual acuity.   

Neuroscientists frequently use these images as a tool to investigate the complexities of the brain and how our brains interpret the world around us.  

Optical illusion puzzles are a popular activity among netizens today.   

It is engaging in nature and has the ability to improve problem-solving skills and lateral thinking.   

In this photograph, readers are instructed to find a car key buried among the trees and cars.  

Only the most astute readers, with their exceptional visual abilities, will be able to identify the car key.  

The way the automobile key has blended into the background makes it tough to see at first look.  

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