Optical Illusion: Find Hidden Newspaper Inside Park Picture in 5 Seconds! 

Optical illusions are interesting visuals that test how our brains perceive reality. They exist in a variety of forms, including physical, physiological  

and cognitive illusions, and are frequently used to assess our perception and cognitive skills.  

One typical variety is the hidden object illusion, which involves carefully concealing an object within a bigger image.  

In this optical illusion, a newspaper is buried behind a photograph of a public park.   

The scene shows people enjoying various activities in the park, including a couple drinking coffee, a female wearing headphones, a man reading a book, a child sitting on a seat, and others speaking or using electronics.  

The task is to locate the hidden newspaper in the image.   

While it may appear tough at first, the newspaper is simply hidden on the bench where a guy and lady are sitting.  

It blends in with the background of the bench, making it difficult to see. These optical illusions are not only fascinating, but they also shed light on how our brains perceive visual information.   

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