Only people with 'high IQs' can spot hidden face within 9 seconds in optical illusion

The holiday season can be hectic and send our heads into a frenzy, but brainteasers are an excellent way to keep your mind fresh until it's time to unwind over the weekend (or not if you're Christmas shopping).  

During their free time, some players enjoy picking up a crossword book or a Sudoku problem to improve their skills in preparation for when they are next needed.  

Regardless matter your motivation, brain teasers provide numerous spectacular benefits to those who dare to take them on.  

The vast list of benefits, which includes improved memory abilities and attention, definitely sounds appealing.  

But do you believe you have what it takes?There is only one way to find out. The next brain challenge requires you to discover the hidden face in this image in nine seconds or less.  

We advocate playing against the clock, but if you prefer to play alone, we won't tell. As previously stated, it is certainly worth attempting the riddles, even if you exceed the time constraints.  

If you're a first-time player, it may take a few attempts at similar tests until you understand the puzzle technique. So don't be concerned if you struggle; this is to be anticipated.  

If you need assistance, you may always refer to the tip on the next line. Hint: the concealed face of a flower girl can be discovered near the man in the centre of the artwork.  

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