Only eagle eyed readers can spot the magnet on the beach in 5 seconds!

Seek and Find Puzzle: You have eagle eyes if you can find the magnet on the beach in 5 seconds. Practice your observation skills now!

Seek and find puzzles are based on the concept of finding a hidden item inside an image within a set time frame.   

This action improves concentration, attention, and focus.

These puzzles are popular among both children and adults, and they are used as a fun technique to strengthen cognitive skills including attention to detail and vision.   

In this task, you will be given with an image and challenged to find the concealed item.   

The image above displays a beach setting with a family enjoying their time there.  

Pay attention to the picture's intricacies, and you may be able to detect the magnet sooner than others.  

Individuals with great observation abilities can rapidly identify the magnet in the image.  

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