Only 1% of people can find 2 concealed faces in the dinner image in 6 seconds.  

Brain teasers are puzzles readers try to solve. These brain puzzles are fun and tough.   

They boost cerebral ability, lateral thinking, memory, and entertainment.  

Brain teaser tasks boost mood too. When you solve a puzzle, your brain releases more mood-regulating dopamine.  

Here's another brain teaser to improve your cognition and mood. Ready for the challenge? Let's begin!  

This brain teaser shows a three-person family eating at the table. The clock behind them indicates lunchtime, and the table has a variety of meals.   

This photo shows a joyful family with a dog.   

The photo puzzle appears tranquil and loving, but closer scrutiny reveals something unsettling.   

You must identify two hidden faces in this brain challenge.   

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