Only 1% Can See The Frog Among Leaves In 5 Seconds With Super Vision!  

To test your IQ, use an optical illusion. Optical illusions are visual phenomena that fool our minds into perceiving things that are not there or in different ways.  

These optical illusions use brain limits to create multiple interpretations.   

Shapes and patterns deceive us in these illusions.  

Physiological, geometrical, cognitive, and confusing optical illusions test our IQ and vision. All these optical illusions test our vision and detail-focus.  

Go back up and take another look at the optical illusion that you just saw.  

This optical illusion is intriguing. It like dry leaves at first. A frog is also hiding among these leaves. It's hard to see because it mixes into the leaves.  

Those who can overcome this optical illusion are among the 1% smarter than the typical person because they can think critically and perceive things from numerous angles. Problem-solving and spatial reasoning are also your strengths.  

Look for a frog outline or webbed feet to find it. Squint or gaze at the image from afar to find the frog. It can highlight the frog's outline.  

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