On May 4, despite complicated horoscopes, the cosmos watches over three zodiac signs. 

We know we'll pass Saturday, but May 4's horoscopes may present obstacles. Three zodaic signs are confused by the Aries Moon-Uranus conjunction.   

During this Aries Moon, we 'think' things will go one way but they actually go another. If not, we learn the hard way that we don't always get what we desire.   

Whatever happens on Saturday will be swift, simple, and uncomplicated for Aries. You may be anticipating something 'huge'. You may have prepared and prayed for it. If not, you'll wonder what happened.  

1. Aries   

The Good News: You realise this is the universe's method of balancing you. You occasionally think you can make it real.  

Only the thought of not getting what you want this Saturday bothers you. That seems like starting over. Uranus/Aries makes you nervous.  

2. Cancer  

Your biggest problem is that you've convinced yourself that if you desire something, you should have it since your heart is in the right place. Cancer, your heart is right, but the universe has something greater for you.  

With the Moon in Aries aligned with Uranus, your good intentions may fail this Saturday. You're feeling well and won't let things get you down, but you had great hopes. At this point, you should step back and assess the situation.  

3. Sagittarius 

Is there a major tragedy? No. You in danger? No.Pause and breathe. Sagittarius, you know everything will be fine.  

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