On May 3, two zodiac signs triumph over their mistakes and enjoy plenty. 

An barrier is designed to show how much you care about your dreams, not stop you from following them. Your abundant destiny doesn't come easily or with green lights.  

It sometimes seem like the universe throws roadblocks in your way. Challenges reveal what you want and your ability to get it. Mars in Aries and Pluto retrograde in Aquarius align Friday.   

This is your indication to embrace favourable career changes and possibilities outside your comfort zone. You can achieve your dreams, no matter how far-fetched. To harness this energy, you must transcend past motifs that may have made you dread change.  

1. Cancer abundance affirmation: I create professional success.

A favourable connection between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius on Friday, May 3 will emphasise professional transformation.  

Pluto in Aquarius helps you explore your feelings and experiences around transformation as you rise from the ashes of your life and plot your biggest comeback, but Mars in Aries emphasises your divine success.   

Recognising your differences is often a key lesson on your journey to abundance. The last sign of the zodiac, you have the strongest spiritual connections and traits of the other eleven. Because of this, many of your ideas are new or untested.  

2. Pisces abundance affirmation: I trust my intuition to guide me toward an abundant life.

You consider this your greatest gift. To get abundance, you must do something amazing in life.  

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