NFL analyst predicts Michael Penix will start Week 1

The Falcons may claim there is no quarterback dispute and Kirk Cousins is their guy all they want. I honestly believe they are 100% committed to Cousins starting all 17 games this season, assuming he is healthy.

However, they do not have the authority to decide whether or not there is a quarterback dispute. The speculation has already begun,

with NFL analysts debating when Kirk Cousins will be dealt, and the clamour for Penix will only become louder if he impresses during training camp and the preseason.

Most recently, NFL Network's Marc Ross made a daring prediction: all six rookie quarterbacks selected in the first round will start Week 1 of the NFL season.

Ross is now wagering that Kirk Cousins, who is rehabbing from a damaged Achilles, will not be ready for Week 1. Given where he is in his recuperation, I don't think supporters should be too concerned about this.

That being said, this tale might become a lot more fascinating if Michael Penix is getting first-team repetitions throughout spring and playing great while Cousins is relegated to the sidelines.

Cousins may have cache in Minnesota, but his teammates, coaches, and fan base cannot be completely committed to him before he ever plays a snap for the Falcons. 

If Penix excels, not only will supporters want to see the youngster, but others inside the building may begin to question Cousins very soon.The condition Ross describes might be the worst-case scenario.

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