Netflix edits out Kim Kardashian getting booed during the Tom Brady roast.  

On Sunday, May 5, The Kardashians star, 43, walked the stage for the streamer's live broadcast of The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady to cheers that rapidly changed to boos.  

Netflix edited out a few seconds of jeers and decreased the loudness for portion of her act on the streamed version of the broadcast after the dust cleared. People contacted Kardashian's reps for comment.  

The crowd's heckling drowned out the SKIMS founder's quip regarding Brady's height during the live special.  

"I know a lot of people make fun of your height," she remarked, trying to continue. She stopped and addressed the criticism as it grew louder.  

"Alright, alright, alright," she nervously giggled as someone off-camera said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."   

Kardashian joked about the retired NFL quarterback's relationship rumors without losing her cool.   "I wasn’t going to come tonight, but since I'm not here as Tom's date, there's still a good chance I might," joked. "There were rumors that Tom and I were dating, but I wouldn't disclose. I'd release the tape."   

The host joked that "it would never work out" if she dated Brady, 46, because he was "an ex-athlete [with] high cheekbones, silky hair" like her ex-stepmother Caitlyn Jenner.   

Adds, "Part of me thinks you would want to undress me, just to try on my clothes." Kardashian also mentioned her father Robert Kardashian Sr.'s representation of O.J. Simpson in the 1994 murder trial onstage.   

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