NBA Mock Trade: Nets Deal Dennis Schroder to Playoff Team Following Disappointing Exit

The Brooklyn Nets will have a lot of work to do after finishing 32-50 in 2023-24. While it is nearly clear that this team will look for a superstar in free agency or through a trade, filling out the remainder of the squad should also be a top focus.  

It takes more than just adding a top option to the roster; the correct talent must also surround the franchise's face.  

Players like Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and Cam Thomas are excellent complements, but more depth will be required to establish a competitive roster.   

Brooklyn also has numerous players who could be traded this summer or next season, including Dorian-Finney Smith and Dennis Schroder.  

It's not that those two aren't strong players; they're just on expiring contracts and may not be able to stay with the team in the long run. As a result, exchanging them while the capacity to extract value remains intact may make sense.    

When it comes to Schroder, there's little doubt he'd have suitors from all across the NBA interested in adding his talents. He was acquired by the Nets at the trade deadline last season and was a valuable asset the rest of the way.   

Last season, Schroder averaged 14.6 points, 6.0 assists, and 3.5 rebounds in 29 games (25 starts) for Brooklyn, while shooting 41.2% from outside the arc.  

Despite being 30 years old, the experienced point guard remains a top performer in this league. He's the type of spark plug that can score quickly while also playing lead guard and facilitating for his teammates.   

Schroder would fit in well with many NBA teams, whether as a low-end starter or a high-quality sixth man.   

Most significantly, the Newton Orleans Pelicans could use a real point guard who can improve those around him while still getting buckets when needed.   

The offence was extremely slow in the Pelicans' first playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, as no game saw the club score 92 points.   

Schroder's contract, which expires next season, is worth slightly more than $13 million. In terms of salary matching, New Orleans has Larry Nance Jr., who is also on an expiring $11.2 million deal. It wouldn't make sense to swap those two one for one, but a package with those two could make some financial sense.   

To be sure, Schroder would not address all of New Orleans' concerns. The Pelicans roster needs to improve more before they can be considered a contender. Adding the veteran guard, however, would be a positive move.  

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