Mother of teen suing Ja Morant over punch says they are not open to settling case

After nearly two years of litigation, Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant's legal complaint over a punch thrown during a basketball game appears to be extending further, with the hit teen's mother saying they have no plans to settle the case.  

Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Carol Chumney ruled Friday morning that the attorneys for Joshua Holloway, the youngster he is accused of hitting, can withdraw from the case.   

Myca Clay, the mother, spoke to the media thereafter, saying she is "not open" to resolving the case.  

"My main priority is to get justice for Joshua," Clay told reporters following the hearing. "This matter has been ongoing for nearly 23 months, and there have been some terrible incidents.   

I am only trying to achieve justice for my son. I'm not willing to settle the matter. I just want justice, and genuine justice, and I believe that our court system has failed us."  

The decision comes little over a week after the attorneys for Joshua Holloway, Rebecca Adelman, and Leslie Ballin submitted a motion to withdraw from the case, citing a conflict in representation.  

The nature of the issue was not specified in the request, but Adelman stated in court on Friday that it was "irreconcilable."  

Following the hearing, Clay accused all participants of ethical infractions, accusing Adelman and Ballin of attempting "to protect Ja Morant."  

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