Mojito Recipe

When life gives you mint leaves, make what? Recipe for mint mojito!  

After Jack and I planted our small back deck garden this summer, I wondered, “What am I going to do with all this mint?” Basil and eggplant were healthy, but the lush, green mint plants were best.   

I've been adding mint to salads and pesto all summer, but I wanted to highlight the gorgeous, aromatic leaves. A mint mojito recipe fit the bill.  

This classic rum drink has been my go-to for weeks. Herbaceous mint, acidic lime, and bubbly soda water are pleasant.  

I also like its beauty. This mojito has mint leaves and a lime wedge, like a restaurant or bar drink.   

It's simple to create at home! No better way to cool yourself on a hot summer day, in my opinion.  

1. Fresh mint—this classic cocktail's star! Mince mint leaves to flavor the drink and garnish your glass. 2. White rum – Jack and I prefer 10 Cane and Bacardi Silver Rum, but any white rum would do. Use your fave! 3. Fresh lime juice—bright, tangy. Always use fresh lime juice in this mojito.  

Mojito Recipe Ingredient

4. Simple syrup - I substitute simple syrup for sugar in mojitos. The recipe is simplified by not mixing the sugar with the lime and mint. Simple syrup lasts several weeks in the fridge, so I keep it on hand for interesting drinks. 5.Club soda or sparkling water –  balances the lime and alcohol and adds fizz. 6.Ice –Ice is essential for a delicious mojito!  

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