May 6-13, 2024: 5 Chinese zodiac signs that are likely to be lucky in love by this weekend

 If you think your partner is the incorrect one, trust your gut. Realizing a broken relationship is a blessing can bring luck. Instead of wasting time and energy on the wrong person, let luck lead you to the right one.  

 Singles may find love outside their comfort zone this week. Your compatibility definition may be broader than you expected. Be open to these experiences—luck may bring valuable connections.  


 Your love luck this week depends on taking charge of your relationship. Your targeted efforts will bring you to your soulmate, whether you're speed-dating, learning, or socializing.   


 This week, pig-born singles should step back from romance. Self-care and self-focus might boost your love luck, despite appearances. Be patient while fate reveals its mysteries.  


 This week, your relationship luck depends on patience and knowledge.   

 Effective communication takes time, and many people lack loving role models.  

 Fan-made movie posters used to be more inventive.  

 Being patient with yourself and your spouse helps you develop a lasting relationship.  

 Be patient, not reserved—your luck is in the former.  

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