May 4th Horoscopes for the Five Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs  

May 4 horoscopes are lovely. Lean into the day's energies for soul healing and progress. Under this influence, find relief.  

It will make you braver and prettier! Naturally, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, and Leo will have the finest horoscopes today. The other zodiac signs should also appreciate minor things. 

With Sun in Taurus as the cosmic benefactor, the collective should lean into their body and feel comfortable. 

Saturday energy is introverted for Sagittarius. Trust your senses and practise self-care to be fine. Creative people should also follow their passion today.  

1. Sagittarius  

Teamwork is powerful, Capricorn. Do not let your past prevent you from enjoying it. Not one individual represents the world. Trust your intuition to identify red flags and green forest walkers. Today, that's your cosmic blessing.  

2. Capricorn 

On Saturday, Pisces, you will focus on expansion. Will you try something new and exciting? Don't allow your anxieties stop you for this path will bring blessings!  

3. Pisces

Aries, when someone criticises you for being yourself, let it roll off your back. Cosmic forces will support you through everything. So stay loyal to yourself and follow your soul's course.  

4. Aries  

 Leo, Saturday energy is unlike you. Remember who you are and what you stand for, and you won't be impacted by people who are jealous of your shine or have forgotten that everyone has a different life path or purpose  

5. Leo  

 May I ask why Canelo is involved in Munguia's fight? So, Charlo, what about Benavidez?

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