May 3 Brings 3 Zodiac Signs Better Luck  

Friday, May 3, may be difficult. We're not struggling, but we have our hearts set on something that may not happen. Because the transit Moon conjunct Saturn affects vision and dreams, this is love-related.  

Three zodiac signs may have low hopes today. Ack! Nobody likes it, but losing faith in one thing may lead us to trust another. We've romanticised the impossible, like falling in love with someone who hardly knows us or believing love will'save' us.  

While your lifestyle has worked for you, much of what drives you is a hidden fantasy. Though you know it's impossible, you believe your wish will come true. The Law of Attraction is constantly in effect, but on May 3, you'll realise that if it can't be, it won't.  


You can't draw blood from a stone. Even if you have an unrealistic dream that that won't happen, you'll quickly realise that while the Moon's conjunct Saturn, you can't change the outcome. This shift is enormous, but you'll get used to it.  

You know you don't like being criticised for your beliefs, and it just so happens that you know they'll never happen in your life. The person you've had a crush on for aeons is involved, Aquarius.  


Your unreasonable love will be critiqued by a buddy on Friday. You may feel defensive and angered by their nerve to share such criticism, yet their voice sounds desperate. You usually ignore such crap, but on Friday, they want you to wake up.  

You've been romancing the impossible for a while, which means you've carried something for 'having something to do' On May 3, you consider letting go. You're sad and hurt, but there's hope. Nothing is hopeless, a major lesson today.  


When Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll realise your prior ties are 'enough.' You've moved on after paying your dues. However, you valued the past so much that you didn't let yourself go beyond those little limits. Your realisation that it's time to move on will come Friday.  

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