May 3: 3 Zodiac Signs Outperform Their Issues  

This Friday makes us feel good about a brave decision we're about to undertake, and true self-confidence helps us in the approaching days.   

We face hardship. We do what? Do we shirk the thought that we must conquer it or act accordingly? As self-respecting people, we no longer accept what is given. We will defend ourselves and fight if necessary.  

Taurus, Friday's Mars/Pluto conjunction requires a major decision. This decision cannot be emotional. Instead of reacting emotionally, utilise your brain to understand. Something in your life is challenging you. This challenge must be addressed now.  


You love yourself and have high self-esteem. Your connection with your lover is compromising, though. It seems like you need to give up something to love them entirely, which is bothering you.  

Because you weren't responsible for the task, you never felt you could overcome that one small obstacle. Friday will provide an unexpected link to the individual who ghosted you years ago. Consider 'talking it out.'  


This brings back all the unpleasant memories, and you may feel Memory Lane is too toxic to go down. You're intrigued about this person's current state, and since you still love them, you'd like to reconnect on one condition: don't talk about the past. Your issue is there, and you don't want to revisit it.  

Who knew the Mars/Pluto alignment would make you feel this way? That means you know how to handle difficulties. You feel like you don't want to think about negative things. Walk away from whatever occurs to you, says your clever mind.  


Virgo, you'll refuse a fight for the first time in forever. Yes, it's hard to envision not having the last say, but during this Mars/Pluto transit, you don't want to dive too low. Nobody is taking advantage of you anymore. If someone opposes you, the cookie crumbles, as they said in prehistoric times.  

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