Madonna performed her biggest concert to 1.6M people.  

The Queen of Pop ended her Celebration Tour in style.  

Madonna performed to 1.6 million people during a free concert at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro Saturday night, 40 years into her career.  

The pop star's Celebration Tour, which began in October and visited 81 cities in 15 countries, ended with the event.  

Previously, in 1987, Madonna's largest performance was at Paris' Parc des Sceaux, which drew 130,000 spectators.  

In keeping with tradition, Madge welcomed special guests—this time, Brazilian musicians Anitta and Pabllo Vittar—onstage.   

As is typical, the show was also almost fifty minutes late in getting underway.  

As reported by the AP, the concert was anticipated to bring in $57 million for the local economy. Spectators flocked from all over, including France, Argentina, and Brazil, to see the unforgettable performance.  

Millions of people flock to Copacabana Beach every year on New Year's Eve to see the spectacular fireworks display. With 4.2 million spectators, Rod Stewart rode on the coattails of the yearly tradition to become the biggest free rock concert of all time in 1994.  

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